Crested Butte Passive House

This house in Crested Butte is built to meet the Passive House certification through the Passive House Institute (PHI) in Germany. With highly insulated walls, floors, and roofs as well as extremely air-tight and thermal bridge-free construction, the house is able to achieve net-zero energy use with only a small 5kW solar panel array (there is no gas line installed to the house). The indoor environment is comfortable year-round with only minimal supplemental heating; the high performance windows are positioned to allow the sun to provide the majority of the heat required in one of the coldest climates in the country. Operable shades prevent the interior from overheating in the warmer season. All walls and roofs were built as prefabricated panels of 2×12 lumber and insulated with dense pack cellulose plus an additional layer of Agepan wood fiber insulation.

West facade with Mount Crested Butte
Accessory dwelling unit in foreground
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)
ADU lounge area
ADU Kitchen
ADU from Bedroom
ADU Bathroom